Emergency Care

Healing compound fractures with expertise

A compound or open fracture involves an opening in the skin near the broken bone. Sometimes the broken bone punctures the skin and causes a deep gash or wound. These types of fractures require immediate medical care to prevent infection and other serious complications.

At Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, we serve communities in Elkhart County by providing expert treatment for compound fractures in Goshen, IN. Our expert team takes great pride in providing quality emergency care 24/7. With advanced imaging and emergency surgery, you can rely on us for skilled emergency treatment. Visit us on High Park Avenue anytime you need emergency medical care.

Symptoms of an open fracture

Open fractures share similar symptoms as other fractures, including difficulty moving the bone, pain and deformity. A telltale sign of a compound fracture is open skin or a piece of bone piercing through the skin.

You may experience these symptoms or see someone else with them after a car accident injury or a sports injury. These types of injuries should always be treated by a medical professional, and our team is here to help.

Compound fracture treatment at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

When it comes to treating compound fractures, we focus on repairing the broken bone and healing the open wound. Surgery is the main treatment with the primary goal of preventing infection. Two types of operations heal compound fractures – internal fixation and external fixation. Both procedures use metal pins, screws and plates to hold the bone together. External fixation connects these hardware to a metal bar outside the skin.

Recovery after surgery for an open fracture may take some time. Through Goshen Rehabilitation, we provide physical therapy and other services to return you to your favorite activities faster. Visit Goshen Health for comprehensive care for all types of fractures.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provides expert emergency care for compound fractures in Goshen, IN, for communities in Elkhart County.