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Check on your blood vessels with a CT angiogram

Computed tomographic angiography, often shortened to CTA, is a minimally invasive procedure that captures images of the blood vessels. Similar to a CT scan, several images are captured and layered to create 3-D images of your arteries and veins. This allows your doctor to get a detailed image of your blood vessels functioning.

As part of our comprehensive heart diagnostic services, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center offers CTA tests in Goshen, IN, to diagnose and treat a wide range of heart and vascular conditions. Talk to your primary care provider about getting a screening with us or call (574) 537-5000 for a referral.

Do I need a CTA test?

If you have symptoms of a vascular problem, a CT angiogram can help your care team accurately diagnose and treat your condition. At Goshen Heart & Vascular Center, your doctor may recommend a CT angiogram after learning about your symptoms and performing a physical exam and other diagnostic tests. We also use CT angiograms to look for injury to blood vessels after trauma.

A CT angiogram can detect:

What to expect

Getting a CT angiogram at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center is painless. To get the sharpest images of your blood vessels, you’ll need an IV injection of contrast dye. After receiving the contrast dye, you’ll lie on a table that moves you within the machine that captures the images. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, you may be able to go home on the same day.

For a complication-free CT angiogram, always tell your doctor and radiologist:

  • About any medications you are taking, particularly metformin
  • If you’ve had a previous allergic reaction to contrast dye
  • If you have kidney disease
  • Any unusual symptoms after the test, such as shortness of breath or bleeding from the IV site

We can help

A CT angiogram may be the procedure you need to find the root cause of your symptoms. Ask your doctor how you can become a patient with us or call (574) 537-5000 for a referral.

Providing comprehensive heart and vascular care to Elkhart County and beyond, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center offers CTA tests in Goshen, IN.