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Learn CPR and first aid at our classes

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid are lifesaving skills. CPR involves applying chest compressions and rescue breathing when someone’s heart and breathing has stopped. First aid provides help in an emergency until you can get medical assistance. It encompasses a wide variety of treatments, including wound management, splinting and choking rescue techniques.

Anyone can learn these skills and help those around them, whether at a school, fitness center or hospital. According to the National Safety Council, administering first aid and CPR can prevent 25 percent of all emergency room visits.

Goshen Health provides CPR and first aid classes in Goshen, IN, for both community members and professionals. Our Heartsaver CPR, AED and first aid courses can prepare you to address an emergency situation.

What our CPR and first aid training offers

In our program for community members, you learn how to perform CPR and basic treatment for conditions and symptoms such as:

Our class also teaches how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in the case of cardiac arrest, when the heart suddenly stops beating. About 88 percent of the people who have cardiac arrest outside of the hospital do not survive long term. CPR and first aid can double or triple a person’s chance of survival in this emergency.

Goshen Health also offers Heartsaver CPR and AED education for non-healthcare professionals. This course is designed for rescuers and teachers to receive their certification. Here, you learn how to treat cardiac arrest, choking and other medical emergencies in infants, children and adults.

We can help

We strive to protect the health of the people of Elkhart County and beyond. Learning basic healthcare skills like CPR, first aid and how to use an AED can make a difference in your community. Click here to see all professional education classes we offer.

Goshen Health provides CPR and first aid classes in Goshen, IN, as part of our Colleague Education services.