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Comprehensive care for damaged cartilage

Joint cartilage reduces friction and allows your joints to move smoothly. Any damage or overuse of your cartilage can lead to pain, weakness and limited mobility. When you need expert treatment for damaged cartilage in Goshen, Nappanee or Shipshewana, IN, the trained specialists at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can help.

As a leading provider of treatment for arthritis and joint pain in Elkhart County, we offer a diverse range of treatment options – from physical therapy to minimally invasive surgery. Don’t let joint pain put a stop to your favorite activities. Call (574) 534-2548 to make an appointment.

Treatment for damaged cartilage at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Joints without healthy cartilage don’t have the cushioning they need to move freely. To keep you moving as you should, we use the latest technologies to repair or replace damaged cartilage.

Our specialists are trained in the following types of treatment for cartilage damage:

If you’re a good candidate for nonsurgical treatment, your care plan may include:

Nonsurgical treatments are ideal for older people who have a low level of activity. Younger, more active people may have problems in the future if they opt not to have surgery to fix their damaged cartilage.

Which treatment is best for me?

Most often, the severity of the cartilage damage helps determine which treatment will be most effective. Your care team may also consider your previous surgeries, as well as your age, overall health and current activity level. You’ll have the chance to discuss all the risks and benefits of each treatment option.

Let us be a partner in your orthopedic health and help you choose the best treatment. To make an appointment with one of our providers, call (574) 534-2548.

Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine uses the latest technologies to offer treatment for damaged cartilage in Goshen, Nappanee and Shipshewana, IN.