Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center Obstetrics & Gynecological Care

For women, designed by women

We’ve designed our programs and services at Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center around you and your individual health needs. From risk reduction and early diagnosis, preventive health screenings to massage therapy, you have access to the most advanced technology and treatment options available in our caring and supportive environment.

Our services include:

  1. Diagnostic services, such as mammography and bone density to aid in early detection
  2. High risk breast cancer program to promote risk reduction and healthy lifestyle choices
  3. Naturopathic consultation that involves a holistic approach to treating the whole person
  4. Health Resource Center where books, brochures, videos and other media on health issues are available

For more information about Goshen Retreat Women's Health Center, please call (574) 364-4600.