Emergency Care

Healing your broken fibula with skilled treatment

A fibular fracture affects the small lower leg bone. The fibula extends from the knee down to the bony bump on your ankle. A fracture to any part of the fibula is a medical emergency.

At Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, we offer acute care for fibula fractures in Goshen, IN. As a Level II emergency room, we have advanced imaging and a highly trained staff that’s ready to offer treatment 24/7. When you have symptoms of a broken leg, visit us on High Park Avenue for all of your emergency orthopedic needs.

Symptoms of a fibular fracture

If your fibula fractures, you may have difficulty moving your leg and ankle, and bearing weight on the affected leg. You can also hear a snapping or grinding sound.

Other symptoms of a broken fibula include:

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Deformity of the leg or ankle, such as being bent unnaturally

What caused my broken fibula?

Trauma – including falls, sports injuries and car accident injuries – are the primary cause of broken fibulas. Sports that involve repetitive motions, such as running, can put stress on your bone and make it more prone to fracture. Osteoporosis and other conditions that thin the bones also lead to broken legs and ankles.

Complete care for broken fibulas at Goshen Health

Emergency treatment at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department focuses on putting the bone in its proper place and keeping it there until it heals.

Our emergency team may use a variety of methods to heal your broken bone, including:

  • Cast immobilization, which is the most common treatment
  • Open reduction and internal fixation, which is surgery to place pins, screws or plates on the surface of the bone
  • External fixation surgery to hold the bones in place from the outside by putting pins or screws into the bones and attach them to a metal bar
  • Traction to reposition bones using gentle pulling

In addition to providing emergency treatment for broken bones, we’re also dedicated to preventing them. Our Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Colleagues offer complete bone care, including bone scans, to help keep your bones strong and prevent fractures.

With preventive care and physical therapy for recovery, we’re here for you if you have a fibula fracture in Goshen.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department treats fibular fractures in Goshen, IN, with expertise and personalized care.