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Keep your body moving with fitness apps

Staying active and sticking to your workout routine can be a challenge. When you need help making healthy choices, fitness apps can be a great asset to your new, healthier lifestyle. Workout apps are similar to having an accountability partner, but with the added convenience of being integrated into your smartphone or device.

At Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction, we believe that when you can see your progress, you’re more motivated to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. That’s why our weight loss experts recommend adding a fitness app to your workout plan.

In addition to providing the motivation you need, fitness apps:

  • Allow you to track your progress.
  • Provide expert-created workout tips and regimens.
  • Teach you new workouts.

We provide all the tools you need for your weight loss journey. Call (574) 537-8326 for more information or click here to order a free resource packet.

Workout apps to keep you on track

Some fitness apps log your steps while others record your workouts, track your sleep and monitor your heart rate. Many apps are comprehensive and include several features that help you keep track of your overall health.

If you don’t already have a fitness app downloaded, you may find these helpful in reaching your fitness and weight-loss goals:

  • Fitocracy – Gives you badges and points for each goal you achieve. Also includes articles and tips to keep you entertained while you workout.
  • MapMyFitness – Tracks your workouts and allows you to analyze your workout pace, distance and elevation.
  • FitBit – Both a wearable device and an app that tracks and shares your sleep, exercise and food intake with your friends.
  • Couch to 5k – For a fee, this app offers a virtual coach and a training plan to help you prepare for a running competition.

Which exercise app is best for me?

Fitness apps work best when they align with your fitness level and goals. If you’re trying to increase your daily steps, a simple step tracker will do. Ensure your app works properly, as a fitness app that doesn’t accurately record can throw off your energy intake and output calculations.

To get the most out of your fitness app, use it along with your physician’s advice, especially if you’re in a medically managed weight loss program.

Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction recommends physician-directed weight loss and fitness apps in Goshen, IN, to help our communities stay healthy and active.