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Make a food journal app part of your weight loss

When it comes to losing weight naturally, it’s important to know how many calories you consume and how many you burn. It can be difficult enough sticking to a healthy, balanced diet, let alone remembering each food you ate. Technology such as a food journal app, can jump-start your weight loss efforts and keep you on track. Using a calorie counter to log your eating habits also increases your awareness of your dietary choices.

At Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction, we recommend using a food journal app along with your medically managed weight loss program to make reaching your weight loss goals easier. To learn more about our approach to weight loss, call (574) 537-8326 or receive a free informational packet.

How an online food journal can help you reach your goals

Research proves that keeping a record of the foods you eat can help you make healthy dietary changes. They allow you to self-monitor what you eat and provide a comprehensive snapshot of your eating habits.

In addition, food journals help:

  • Identify allergy triggers and food intolerances
  • Discover connections between what you eat and how you feel
  • Help you manage diabetes, obesity and other conditions

Which food journal is best for me?

You’ll find a number of food journal apps – some which cost, but many are free. The app you choose should be easy to use so you have no problems recording what and how much you eat.

Some of the apps we recommend include:

  • Bitesnap – This free app is a photo-based food diary which allows you to take pictures of your meals instead of recording them with text.
  • Cara – Ideal for people monitoring their digestive health, including recording stomach symptoms and bowel movements.
  • MyNetDiary – Combines a food and exercise diary to track your weight loss efforts. Also has a diabetes tracking feature, which logs medications, blood glucose and exercise.
  • Noom Coach – Creates a customized plan to help you lower blood pressure and reach other specific goals.

Your team at the Center for Weight Reduction can help you find a food journal app that works just for your weight loss and nutrition needs.

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Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction recommends physician-directed weight loss along with food journal apps in Goshen, IN, to achieve your weight loss goals.