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Campaign for Goshen Health

Meeting future healthcare needs

After studying and exploring how to better meet the current and future needs of our community, Goshen Health’s board of directors decided it was time to demolish the dated 1950s-era north tower of the hospital and replace it with private inpatient rooms.
The tower’s heating, air conditioning, electrical, water and sanitation systems were designed for another era and – despite numerous renovations, the tower is past the span of its useful life.
In addition, a vast number of extraordinary life-changing advances in medical treatment and technology have taken place. These advances require increasingly sophisticated medical service areas, including expanded patient spaces. The new individual patient rooms will:

  • be spacious enough to accommodate the latest medical technology, the needs of multidisciplinary medical personnel and the close support of family and friends
  • minimize exposure to infection
  • increase privacy and confidentiality
  • give patients more control over their environment, allowing them to rest

This campaign is necessary to support Goshen Health’s mission of providing innovative and outstanding care and services to our community.
Having a good hospital in the community is as important as having good schools and recreation facilities. A hospital is part of the culture that enhances the community. Goshen Health is strong in delivering health care because the community not only demands it, but supports it!
– Gordon Lord, Co-chair of the Campaign Cabinet