Emergency Care

Expertly treating gashes in our emergency room

A gash is a deep cut that involves torn skin and deeper tissue. It may require stitches to promote healing and minimize scarring, along with other treatments, depending on its severity.

Call 911 or go to the emergency room in these situations:

  • The wound penetrates the head, chest or abdomen.
  • You have multiple gashes.
  • You can’t stop the bleeding.
  • You have deep cuts that expose bone, muscle or tendons.

Board certified physicians and nurses at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provide expert wound care for your gash in Goshen, IN. We work together to quickly stop the bleeding and repair underlying tissue or internal organ damage.

Deep cut and skin tear treatment

At Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, your physician examines the gash and creates a treatment plan based on its severity. You may need imaging tests like X-ray or CT scan to determine whether organs, nerves or important body parts have been damaged.

Common gashes may only need stitches (sutures), but a deep cut may require surgery to repair any damage and close the wound.

Additional wound care may include:

  • Numbing the area
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Close evaluation
  • Preventing the accumulation of fluid deep inside the wound
  • Getting stitches to bring the tissue edges together
  • Applying a bandage or dressing
  • Daily cleaning the wound and applying dressing

Healing from a gash

Before you go home, your physician or nurse will explain how to care for your wound and when to follow up for suture removal, if applicable. You may be prescribed pain medication over the first few days of healing.

See a doctor if you show signs of infection, such as redness, heat, increasing pain and fever.

If your wound isn’t healing properly, we can refer you to Goshen Wound & Hyperbaric Center to receive treatment from our specialists.

Serving the Elkhart County community, Goshen Hospital Emergency Department treats gashes and deep cuts in Goshen, IN.