Cancer Care

Goshen Center for Cancer Care video library

Supporting your goals
From your diagnosis through treatment, our doctors take the time to help you and your loved one understand all your options – and provide you with recommendations to best meet your priorities. Our Breast Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Fiona Denham, explains how supporting your goals is our goal.

Extensive training makes a difference in your care
When it comes to treating cancer, experience matters. All of our oncologists are board certified and fellowship trained. This means they have years of additional training and specialize in treating your specific cancer type. Dr. Urs von Holzen, Director of Surgical Oncology, explains how having the largest team of such specialty-trained surgical oncologists in Indiana directly benefits you.

A second opinion can be life changing
You may seek a second opinion for a variety of reasons. You may want reassurance about a diagnosis or confirmation about a treatment plan. Remember, cancer is life changing and you need to feel comfortable with any treatment recommendation. Dr. Houman Vaghefi, Director of Radiation Oncology, shares how we can provide options to patients who may have thought they had nowhere else to turn.

Supporting you through treatment, and beyond
Our Integrative Care Team of naturopathic providers, mind-body counselors and dietitians support you before, during and after cancer treatment. They can help you reduce side effects, cope with stress and anxiety, combat weight loss or gain and so much more. Learn more about how we take care of you physically, emotionally and spiritually from Rebecca Lovejoy, Naturopathic Provider.

Innovative treatment close to home
You may automatically associate modern medical procedures with big cities and large centers. Instead, consider how we bring innovation to you. Over the years we have consistently introduced ground-breaking treatment options to our area. Our commitment to advanced technology and quality care is best described by Dr. James Wheeler, Radiation Oncologist.

Focusing on you and your cancer type
Putting patients at the center of their health care is the cornerstone of our practice at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. In addition, our providers have limited the number of cancer sites they treat, in order to better specialize. Dr. Leonard Henry, our Medical Director, explains how our providers’ fellowship training experience results in mastery of subspecialties – expertise to benefit you, the center of our attention.

Personalizing your treatment plan
As research leads the practice of medicine, patients participating in clinical trials have contribute enormously to the treatment options available today. Dr. Ashley Hardy, Surgical Oncologist, explains how we use this research to individualize treatment plans for each patient.