Emergency Care

Emergency care for a gunshot wound

A gunshot wound, or an injury caused by a bullet or other projectile from a firearm, is considered a medical emergency. A bullet can enter or pass through the body at a high velocity, possibly causing serious blood loss and structural damage.

If you or someone with you has a gunshot wound in Goshen, IN, call 911 or get emergency care at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department. Our doctors and nurses work quickly to stabilize your condition and get you the care that you need. We serve Elkhart County by providing advanced care at our emergency department on High Park Avenue. Established relationships with nearby trauma centers allow us to smoothy transfer critical patients with gunshot wounds.

Applying first aid for a bullet wound

Gunshot first aid involves stopping the bleeding and keeping the wound clean. Applying direct pressure can help control the bleeding. Cover the wound with a clean cloth or gauze. Don't try to clean the wound itself.

Emergency gunshot treatment

Once you are at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, our doctors evaluate your injury and provide any initial gunshot wound care, including:

  • Cleaning the wound
  • Packing the wound with gauze
  • Applying bandages and antibiotic ointment
  • Treating other wounds from the gunshot
  • Imaging to evaluate for internal injuries

Additional treatment depends on the location of the bullet wound and extent of your injuries. For example, a gunshot that passes through the soft tissues without damaging adjacent vital structures is less complex than a gunshot that shatters a bone. You may need surgery to remove any bullets or restore function to damaged bone or tissue.

As you recover, tell your doctor if your wound shows signs of infection or isn’t healing properly. Goshen Wound & Hyperbaric Center offers leading-edge treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provides expert wound care for gunshot injuries in Goshen, IN.