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Healthy snack recipes that make a difference

No doubt, junk food is quicker and more convenient. However, the added fat, sugar and salt in unhealthy snacks will also add on unwanted pounds. Over time, unhealthy snacking habits increase your risk of developing weight-related conditions, such as diabetes and obesity.

Healthy snacks, on the other hand, provide the nutrients you need, level your blood sugar and prevent overeating. Also, eating small nutritious meals is even more important when it comes to diabetes management and losing weight naturally.

When you need expert nutrition guidance, including nutrition therapy, that can help you with healthy snack ideas in Goshen, IN, trust our experts with Goshen Health. Our nutrition classes on healthy shopping and cooking give you the information you need to make healthier choices.

For a referral to our dietitian, talk to your primary care physician.

Healthy snack ideas for you and the family

Healthy snacks rich in fiber and protein are plentiful. They may take more preparation, but they will be well worth it. Start by substituting healthier alternatives to the snacks you already eat, such as swapping milk chocolate for dark chocolate and sugary drinks for naturally flavored soda water.

Here are a few more tips for healthy lunch ideas:

  • Greek yogurt with fresh berries
  • A cheese stick and grapes
  • A hard-boiled egg and cherry tomatoes
  • Whole grain crackers and goat cheese
  • Carrots or peppers and hummus
  • Unsalted almonds and pumpkin seeds

Portion sizes and healthy snacks

Even foods that are healthy for you should be eaten in moderation. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your snacks are around 200 calories. To reach this caloric goal, remember that a good portion size is about the size of your closed fist.

Get started with making healthy changes. Find an event near you that’ll teach you how to maintain proper nutrition, including classes on diabetes education.

Goshen Health promotes healthy living with healthy snack ideas in Goshen, IN.