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Stories of success at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center

We’re passionate about the heart health of our communities. Our patients’ stories of success in Goshen continue to motivate us to provide the highest level of heart and vascular care. Whether we’re providing prompt treatment with early detection screenings or saving lives with quality emergency treatment, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center is making an impact in the communities we serve.

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Patient success stories

Correcting an abnormal heartbeat

One morning while getting ready for work, Theresa Barrick went downstairs. Her heart was racing. Theresa had previously had one ablation – a procedure that destroys damaged heart tissue – so she knew this was something she needed to pay attention to. Her husband offered to drive her to Greencroft, where Theresa works as a certified nurse’s assistant.

On the way there, Theresa changed her mind. She told him to take her to Goshen Heart & Vascular Center for an EKG. Her heart rate was 200. They wanted her to have an electrocardiogram immediately. Then they used medication to slow down the heart rate. They also did a heart catheterization to see if there were any structural changes in the heart and/or blockages in her heart arteries causing the rapid heartbeat.

“I felt so good,” Theresa said. “But I thought, ‘how long will this last?’ Then I got a virus and couldn’t go back to work.” A few weeks later, Theresa had an atrial flutter ablation procedure in the new electrophysiology lab. This ended the source of the irregular heart rhythm and restored normal sinus rhythm. “Dr. Dixon felt he had conquered the problem,” she said. “I’d encourage people who need to have this procedure not to fear it, but to go ahead and have it done. It’s so much easier to make decisions when you’re not under the pressure of an emergency. You’ll have more confidence and peace if you’re not in a crisis.”

A prompt diagnosis

A car salesman, Terry Beatty was on his feet a lot. When his legs started aching, especially his right leg, he was referred to Dr. John Martens who found Terry had severe peripheral arterial disease. Terry required a complex peripheral arterial bypass graft in addition to an atherectomy to solve the problem. And, it’s been good for the last year and a half to two years. “The one thing they do that I’m so thankful for is that they keep a close watch on my artery,” Terry said. “I have to go in periodically for tests.”

More recently, Terry’s left leg had been troubling him, so one of the cardiologists put stents in his left leg femoral artery. “I love the fact they do these meetings periodically where they get input from other doctors to see what’s best for the patient.” Terry said he’s not experiencing any symptoms or pain. “They are absolutely marvelous!” he said. “Of course, they’ve got me exercising,” he added. But he appreciates Goshen Heart & Vascular Center’s ongoing follow-up, investment and monitoring his arteries.

If you’re concerned about your heart health, talk to your primary care provider about a referral to Goshen Heart & Vascular Center or call (574) 537-5000.

With compassionate and innovative heart care, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center continues to change the lives of our patients in Elkhart County.