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What are the signs of a heart attack?

When your heart doesn’t get the oxygen it needs, shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness can set in. Not everyone experiences warning signs of a heart attack; however, knowing the symptoms of a heart attack, especially when you’re at a high risk, will allow you to get the help you need at the first signs of heart trouble.

This documents will help you identify the early signs of a heart attack:

If you experience heart attack symptoms, the experts at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center can diagnose your symptoms and provide award-winning emergency care. If you have a high risk for having a heart attack, talk to your primary care provider about receiving a heart screening. Or, if you want to talk to someone at the Heart & Vascular Center, call (574) 537-5000 to make an appointment.

Hands-only CPR

Most people who experience cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location die because they don't receive immediate CPR from someone on the scene. Watch this video to learn the life-saving skill of hands-only CPR

Award-winning heart attack treatment

Our team is trained and experienced in recognizing heart attack symptoms. We're the only provider in Elkhart County that's recognized by the American College of Cardiology for providing innovative treatment for heart attacks in Goshen, IN.

Heart attack symptoms in men

Men often experience the most commonly reported heart attack symptoms, such as chest pain and shortness of breath. Other symptoms that may be present include:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Pain that radiates down the left arm and into the jaw area

Heart attack symptoms in women

Some women experience heart attack symptoms that are unique to them. In addition to the regular symptoms, some women may be unusually fatigued or have pain in the center of their back or shoulders. Because these symptoms aren’t typical of a heart attack, it can be difficult to discern whether or not they’re a true emergency.

If you have unexplainable fatigue or other abnormal symptoms, it’s best to report these to your doctor. The earlier you receive treatment, the quicker we may be able to preserve your heart. If you have heart and vascular risk factors, call (574) 537-5000 for a referral to Goshen Heart & Vascular Center for innovative and comprehensive heart care.

Serving Elkhart County and beyond, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center provides exceptional treatment for patients with a heart attack in Goshen, IN.