Emergency Care

Expertly treating heavy bleeding

Bleeding is one of the body’s natural processes. But when blood flow is too heavy, it can lead to infection and life-threatening blood loss. Heavy bleeding can also affect internal organs. Both external and internal heavy bleeding require emergency care.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department stabilizes and treats heavy bleeding in Goshen, IN. Whether the blood loss is from a car accident injury or a compound fracture, we provide skilled 24/7 care to restore your health. For serious injuries that involve heavy bleeding, call 911. Visit our ER on High Park Avenue for all of your emergency medical needs – we’re here to help.

Symptoms of internal bleeding and when to visit the ER

Blood loss from an open wound is visible and obvious. However, internal bleeding is not so apparent. Know these symptoms so you can know when to get immediate medical care:

  • Vomiting or coughing up blood
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Weakness, lightheadedness or loss of consciousness
  • Painful or swollen abdomen
  • Shock

You should also get medical care for external bleeding that you cannot stop or that lasts for more than five minutes after applying constant pressure.

Treating profuse bleeding at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

We take seriously heavy bleeding from external or internal injuries. Our ER team is skilled in treating heavy bleeding, which can involve wound care and foreign body removal.

You can help stabilize someone if they’re experiencing heavy blood loss. Follow these first aid tips for heavy bleeding until medical help arrives:

  • Do not remove objects that are embedded in the wound.
  • Control the bleeding by applying pressure with a clean cloth or sterile bandage.
  • Do not apply pressure to the eyes, head wounds or embedded objects.
  • Elevate the victim’s legs and cover them with a jacket or blanket.

Come to Goshen Hospital Emergency Department when you have a serious illness or condition. If the condition is life-threatening, call 911 or visit the nearest ER.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department stabilizes profuse bleeding in Goshen, IN.