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Leading-edge hip arthroscopy

When you have stiffness, pain or other symptoms in your hips, arthroscopic surgery could be the solution. Hip arthroscopy is a type of arthroscopic surgery that uses a small telescope to precisely diagnose and treat hip conditions, such as hip pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. As a minimally invasive procedure, hip arthroscopy repairs the affected area using a smaller incision, which leads to less pain and a quicker recovery.

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Hip arthroscopy at Goshen Orthopedics

Your hip surgery will take place in Goshen Hospital or Goshen Surgery Center, where you’ll be under the direct care of a trained and caring team. The surgery takes two hours, and you’ll recover for an additional one to two hours while being closely monitored. As with most types of minimally invasive surgery, you may be able to return home the same day you have surgery.

Life after hip arthroscopy

After arthroscopic hip surgery, you’ll be one step closer to returning to doing the things you love. It may take three to six months to fully recover. During this recovery period, you’ll gradually regain full movement and strength.

For a full and safe recovery, you may need:

With physical therapy and rehabilitation in one location, you can recover from your hip surgery while being close to your provider. We’re dedicated to helping you heal and live a pain-free life –– call (574) 534-2548 for an appointment.

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