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Care for every aspect of your hormone receptor-positive breast cancer

Hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells have receptors for estrogen (ER), progesterone (PR) or both. This means hormones encourage the growth of these tumors. While most breast cancers are ER positive and more than half are both ER and PR positive, only about 2 percent are just PR positive.

Board certified, fellowship trained oncological specialists are ready to provide leading-edge treatment at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. If you are looking for a second opinion or care for your entire well-being, we are here to help. Find personalized care for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in Goshen, IN, at our center.

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Diagnosing progesterone or estrogen positive breast cancer

Compared to hormone receptor-negative breast cancer, hormone receptor-positive breast cancer grows slowly. Nevertheless, the earlier the cancer is found, the better the prognosis.

The most effective way to spot breast cancer before symptoms, such as a lump, develop is a mammogram. To schedule your mammogram at Goshen Retreat Women’s Health Center, call (574) 364-4600.

Your doctor can determine whether the receptors are positive from a biopsy tissue sample. Through this test, you can also learn the human epithelial growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) status and the type and grade of breast cancer. This information is helpful in deciding the right treatment, though sometimes it’s not available until after the tumor is removed during surgery.

Treatment for ER/PR positive breast cancer at Goshen Center for Cancer Care

You and your doctor create a treatment plan that is unique to your needs and maintains your best possible quality of life. Our doctors often recommend surgery as the first step, whether lumpectomy or mastectomy. Sometimes, radiation is paired with lumpectomy and has the results as a mastectomy.

Other hormone receptor-positive breast cancer treatment options include:

When you come to Goshen Center for Cancer Care for breast cancer treatment, we do much more than fight cancer cells. Our integrative care team includes mind-body counselors and naturopathic doctors who address your mental well-being, nutrition and more.

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