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Reliable pain relief through injections

No doubt, arthritis and joint pain can cause debilitating symptoms that keep you in the bed for days. Often, increasing physical activity and pain medication are enough to relieve the pain. When simple lifestyle changes and over-the-counter medications don’t work, you may benefit from injections, such as a cortisone shot.

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How joint injections work

Injections directly apply medication to the specific area that’s causing the pain, stiffness or swelling. Joint injections are not only used for pain. They also promote healing and help make moving your joints easier.

Your provider may suggest injections along with other treatment methods for effective relief for your symptoms. When used along with physical therapy and medication, injections can help make living with arthritis and other joint conditions much easier.

Joint injections at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

The origin of your pain or inflammation determines where you’ll receive the injection. For discomfort in your joint and bones, it’s most common to receive an injection around or in a ligament, joint, tendon or nerve.

Getting the injection can be uncomfortable for some, so you’ll receive a local anesthetic. Your provider may use imaging, such as an X-ray, to help guide the precise application of the medication.

Joint aspiration

A joint aspiration doesn’t inject anything into your body. Instead, a needle is inserted to remove joint fluid that causes swelling.

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