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Knee arthroscopy that's trusted in the community

Arthroscopic knee surgery is an innovative type of minimally invasive surgery that allows your surgeon to precisely access areas of your knee. As with other types of arthroscopic surgery, a thin tube with a camera attached (arthroscope) helps your surgeon diagnose and treat a variety of knee problems.

Our orthopedic surgeons at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine have extensive experience in performing arthroscopic surgery to relieve pain, release a locking knee and fix a torn meniscus. Your surgeon will be board certified and trained in performing arthroscopic knee surgery.

We’re dedicated to providing integrated orthopedic care, including knee arthroscopy, in Goshen, Elkhart, Middlebury or Nappanee, IN. Call (574) 534-2548 for an appointment and to learn if you’re a good candidate for arthroscopic knee surgery.

Do I need arthroscopic knee surgery?

You may benefit from arthroscopic knee surgery if you’ve been diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

Damaged cartilage or ligaments
● Severe fractures
● Misalignment
Inflammation inside your joint

Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications and injections can heal the knee damage. When non-surgical methods don’t fix your knee problem, arthroscopic surgery may help.

Life after arthroscopic knee surgery at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

After surgery, it may take up to two months to regain full movement of your leg. During your recovery period, you can join a physical therapy program that’ll teach you exercises that help strengthen and protect your knee. You may need to continue taking any anti-inflammatory medication or injections to manage pain and inflammation while your knee heals.

Within just a few months, you should notice less pain and improved mobility of your knee. If you need a long-term treatment plan to help you live with a joint condition, we’re here to help. Call (574) 534-2548 today to make an appointment.

Serving Elkhart County and beyond, Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers arthroscopic knee surgery in Goshen, IN.