Diabetes Management

Living well with diabetes

Your knowledge of nutrition, activity, monitoring and medication can help you manage your diabetes and enjoy life to its fullest.

Understanding your condition

We understand how difficult it can be to manage your blood glucose. Many factors influence your levels, such as food choice and quantity, timing when you take your diabetes medications, stress, illnesses, your weight and your body's resistance to insulin. To help maintain healthy blood glucose, our educators teach you how to live with diabetes, whether you’re at home, school, work or out in the community.

  • Understand the basics of diabetes
  • Manage diabetes through activity, food planning and medications
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your management plan
  • Prevent, recognize and treat emergency situations
  • Manage diabetes during minor illness and know when to call your healthcare provider
  • Decrease the risk of developing complications, such as kidney disease, eye disease, nerve damage or cardiovascular disease
  • Plan meals and food intake
  • Care for your feet

Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle with your diabetes. Talk with our diabetes educators, (574) 537-1221.

Download the Living With Diabetes Booklet