Cancer Care

Don't Wait. Get Screened

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Free lung screenings make a difference.

Early detection greatly increases chances for a positive outcome after treatment. That’s why we offer a simple, low-dose CT scan to help diagnose lung cancer at an early stage when we have more options for treatment.

Find out if you’re eligible

You fit the criteria for a free screening at Goshen Health if you are in Group 1 or 2.

Use this simple formula to determine your Pack Years.

          Number of packs smoked a day x Number of years you have smoked = Your pack years
A doctor’s referral is required to make an appointment for a lung screening. 

We can help

We can answer your questions about our free lung screening program. Call (574) 364-2400 or talk with your doctor. To find a provider, use our easy, online search service.

Make screenings a part of your routine

Even if you don't meet the criteria for our lung screening program today, consider other steps you can take to lower your risk for cancer.