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What is a mastectomy?

A common breast cancer treatment, a mastectomy removes some or all of one or both breasts (double mastectomy). It’s also used to prevent breast cancer if you are at a high risk (bilateral prophylactic mastectomy). Accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), Goshen Center for Cancer Care uses the latest techniques to perform mastectomy in Goshen, IN.

At our center, we understand there’s a person attached to every case of breast cancer. Our treatment goes far beyond fighting the disease. We provide the integrative care and supportive services you need to maintain the highest possible quality of life as you undergo treatment.

To learn more about your options for mastectomy surgery, request an appointment with our team or call (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) to speak with our oncologist information specialists.

Types of mastectomy

Board certified, fellowship trained surgical oncologists perform these types of mastectomy at Goshen Center for Cancer Care:

  • A partial mastectomy, also called a lumpectomy or segmental mastectomy, removes the cancer and a small area of surrounding normal breast tissue.
  • A nipple-sparing mastectomy, or subcutaneous mastectomy, removes most or all of the breast tissue but leaves the nipple and areola.
  • A total or simple mastectomy removes the entire breast – including the breast tissue, nipple, areola and skin.
  • A modified radical mastectomy removes the entire breast and the underarm lymph nodes.
  • A radical mastectomy removes the entire breast, underarm lymph nodes and the chest wall muscles under the breast.

Sometimes, a lumpectomy paired with radiation can have the same result as a mastectomy. We also offer intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT), which is radiation at the same time as your mastectomy. This helps limit the number of radiation treatments you need after surgery.

Our doctors can explain your options and help you make the right decision for your unique needs and quality of life.

Support throughout your mastectomy recovery

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we surround our patients with a team of specialists that addresses every part of your mastectomy recovery. Our mind-body counselors and Goshen Survivorship Network offer opportunities to care for your mental well-being and connect with other breast cancer patients.

We know it takes time to adjust to not having your breasts. Using prosthetic breasts or having breast reconstruction after mastectomy are options if you prefer to not live breast-free.

If you are considering mastectomy, call (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) for an appointment with our specialists or a second opinion.

Goshen Center for Cancer Care offers leading-edge options for mastectomy surgery in Goshen, IN, for patients from Warsaw, Fort Wayne, South Bend and beyond.