Cancer Care

Naturopathic medicine

Naturopathic medicine plays a major role in our comprehensive program at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. This system of medicine provides individualized support for the body’s natural healing process. Strategies may include:

  • Dietary interventions
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Botanicals
  • Lifestyle counseling

Our naturopathic doctors work closely with our patients to empower them to make healthy changes.

Noninvasive, natural therapies strengthen the body

We use naturopathic medicine before, during and after conventional cancer treatments to strengthen the body's internal disease-fighting abilities. During treatment, naturopathic medicine works to reduce side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Targeted nutrients also can help support the body as it recovers from surgical procedures.

Following cancer treatment, our naturopathic doctors work closely with patients in our survivorship program. Patients work one-on-one with the doctors to set health goals and learn lifestyle strategies to achieve those goals. Individualized wellness plans include diet and supplement use specific to each patient's personal history.

Types of natural therapeutics

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements offer an effective, complementary approach to support wellness and address underlying causes of dysfunction. Usually, patients who use nutritional supplements have fewer complications and side effects from treatment. Although each patient's situation is unique, our naturopathic doctors may recommend supplements during chemotherapy or radiation treatment for their anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties, as well as their ability to support healthy cells and proper nerve function.


Homeopathy is based on the understanding that natural substances, prepared in diluted doses, can stimulate the natural defenses in the body and help restore health. Some symptoms that don't respond well to conventional medicine may respond to homeopathic therapies.

Botanical preparations

Many plant substances are powerful health-promoting agents when used properly. Where single, chemically derived drugs may address a single problem, botanicals are often able to address a variety of problems simultaneously. We may use botanicals in conjunction with conventional treatments to reduce side effects and enhance treatment effectiveness.

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