Transformational leadership

Strategic planning retreat

Clinical nurses, nurse educators, managers and directors met in September 2018 to develop the 2019-2020 Nursing Strategic Priorities. Unit Practice Council clinical nurse chairs provided valuable insight. The team reflected on progress toward meeting the 2017-2018 nursing priorities and celebrated the many accomplishments that nursing achieved over the past two years.

During the retreat, the team developed new priorities, which support the Goshen Health strategic plan. New areas of focus for 2019-2020 include:

  • Increased joy and resiliency in nursing
  • Achieving accreditation of the RN Residency Program
  • Embarking on the journey to our fifth Magnet designation

Coaching and mentoring

Clinical nurse mentoring in Circle of Caring Birthplace

The Circle of Caring Birthplace (CCB) Unit Practice Council identified a need for a formal mentorship program to provide support for newly hired nurses. Nursing job transitions can be highly stressful. Mentoring is an evidence-based method to help decrease stress and increase nurse satisfaction.

A group of CCB clinical nurses reviewed literature and developed an evidence-based mentoring program. Team members identified potential mentors and asked about their interest in volunteering for the new program. Mentors who accepted the challenge received written guidelines for fostering a healthy mentor-mentee relationship.

Newly hired nurses are paired with an experienced nurse mentor. Both mentor and mentee sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure development of trust, as supported by literature. As part of the mentoring agreement, the mentor contacts the mentee on a regular basis through the first year of employment.

The mentoring program has made a positive impact on new nurses. New nurses received an intent-to-stay survey prior to the initiation of the program as well as after three and six months of employment. Survey results showed a significant increase in the new nurse’s intent to stay at Goshen Health.

Coaching and mentoring for nurse leaders

Nurse leaders continue to use the formalized mentoring process developed by the Nursing Management Council to support new nurse managers and directors, who are paired with experienced leaders. Mentees and mentors meet routinely to discuss challenges, identify resources for continued growth and share insights.

New and experienced nursing directors had an opportunity for coaching in 2018. The coach observed the directors during daily work and provided valuable feedback. Directors set goals following each coaching session to continue professional growth.

Circle of Caring Birthplace 2P

Goshen Hospital is planning a major building project, including a new patient tower with private rooms for all patients. One of the first stages of the project is renovation of the Circle of Caring Birthplace (CCB). CCB clinical nurses were asked to participate in Project Planning (2P) to provide insight and recommendations for the renovation.

Architects used 2P ideas to create a ‘cardboard city,’ which is a true-to-life scaled version of the proposed newly designed unit. The model allowed testing of workflows and analysis of overall functionality of the unit. Architects made design changes early in the building process to ensure the space is optimal for patient care and efficient for Colleagues.

After 2P completion, clinical nurses have continued to be involved in decision-making about the CCB renovation. They have provided input about phasing of the renovations and new workflow in the newly designed space. Their active involvement and feedback have been key to designing a space that will benefit patients and be more efficient for nurses.