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Combining expertise and compassion to treat oral cancer

Oral cancer is one of the most common types of head and neck cancers, affecting nearly 50,000 Americans each year. It includes tumors in the lips – including the lining – cheeks, gums, tongue and inside the mouth. Oral cancer is one of the many cancers we treat at Goshen Center for Cancer Care. We’re the first comprehensive cancer center in northern Indiana offering complete care for oral cancer in Goshen, IN, from diagnosis to post-treatment.

With standard cancer treatment, naturopathic medicine and supportive therapy, we fight cancer from different approaches to heal your physical and mental well-being. Learn more about our approach by talking with one of our oncology information specialists at (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) .

Oral cancer symptoms

There are often no symptoms in the early stages of oral cancer.

As the cancer grows and invades deeper tissues, symptoms may show up as:

  • Lump or mass in the neck
  • Lump or thickening in the lip, gums, mouth or cheek
  • Numbness in an area of the mouth or tongue
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Difficulty chewing or moving the tongue or jaw
  • Ear or tooth pain
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Loose teeth
  • Problems with denture fit
  • White or red patches on surfaces in the mouth or lips

Noncancerous conditions can cause these symptoms as well. Talk to your primary care provider to get a timely evaluation and diagnosis, which often leads to better treatment outcomes.

What causes oral cancer? Prevention tips you can take

Tobacco use – especially in large amounts and for long periods of time – is the main cause of oral cavity cancer, including tongue cancer. Heavy alcohol consumption also increases the chances of getting oral cancer. Preventing oral cancer begins with controlling these risk factors, including getting help with quitting smoking.

Treating oral cancer at Goshen Center for Cancer Care

Our experts personalize each patient’s oral cancer treatment. The tumor’s stage, your preferences and overall health help us find the best treatment for you.

Surgery to remove the cancer is the main treatment for oral cancer. Radiation therapy usually follows surgery to remove all traces of cancer. Chemotherapy and targeted therapy are other treatment options.

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, you can be confident that we’ll support you from diagnosis to recovery. Request an appointment online or call our oncology information specialists at (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) .

Goshen Center for Cancer Care provides personalized treatment for oral cancer in Goshen, IN, for patients throughout northern Indiana and southern Michigan, including Warsaw, Fort Wayne and South Bend.