Goshen Surgery Center

Our services

Our facilities are designed exclusively for outpatient surgery. We offer two operating rooms and two endoscopic suites that are fully equipped with the latest surgical equipment. You can expect a comfortable experience with a medical team focused on delivering personalized, convenient care – right here in Goshen.
We offer many minimally invasive procedures at our outpatient center. Compared with open surgery, these advanced surgical techniques mean less pain and bleeding and a faster recovery time.

  • Gastroenterology procedures, including screening/diagnostic colonoscopies and treatment of digestive diseases
  • Orthopedic surgeries, such as bone, muscle and tendon repair  
  • Pain management therapies, including injections, catheter placement and local anesthetic infusions
For more information on if your outpatient procedures can be performed at Goshen Surgery Center, talk to your primary care physician or specialist. If the Goshen Surgery Center is the right option for you, have your physician’s office call (574) 364-4730 to make an appointment.

Need a doctor?

Our online search tool gives you an easy way to find a provider or specialist near you. You must have a doctor’s referral for outpatient surgery at Goshen Surgery Center