Nutrition Therapy

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Eating well is essential to your health, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, cancer or food allergies. That is why our registered dietitian nutritionists work with you to create a nutrition plan just for you.

Our dietitians can help you:
  • Adjust the type or amount of food you eat, based on your disease or condition
  • Improve your diet to include healthy servings of vegetables, fruits and whole grains each day
  • Plan your diet if you want to lose or gain weight
  • Answer questions about a diet ordered by your doctor

In addition, we offer individual and group nutrition therapy for children and adults. In every case, we work closely with your primary care provider. In most cases, for your insurance to pay for our services, your provider must refer you to our services.

Maya Bar-Zvi, RDN, LD
Maya’s interest in nutrition came from living in various yoga retreats. She has always been fascinated by the way holistic nutrition combined with medical treatment created a synergy that improved physical and mental health, as well as a greater sense of well-being. Maya received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and completed an internship at Bastyr University, Washington. She completed her Certificate in Training in Childhood & Adolescent Weight Management and the Certificate of Training: Vegetarian Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Sherri Kramp, RDN, LD
Sherri’s specialties include type I and 2 diabetes, cholesterol management, celiac and Crohn's disease, weight management and eating disorders. She completed the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Sherri received her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University and associate’s degree in culinary arts from Grand Rapids Community College. She enjoys traveling in the United States with her family and dog and learning about other cultures through food.

Sandi Morris, RDN, LD
Sandi believes everyone is unique with individual eating patterns and preferences. She enjoys working with each patient to develop a plan tailored to meet their specific needs. To help patients meet their goals, she draws from her extensive experience in nutrition counseling, monitors food diaries and encourages patients through education and optimism. Sandi completed the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management Level I & II, and the Certificate of Training in Childhood & Adolescent Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her specialties include weight management, eating disorders, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol management and gastrointestinal tract disorders.

Adrianne Osano, MA, RDN, LD
Adrianne is passionate about promoting healthy eating and lifestyles. She provides practical nutrition advice and education in the community and clinical realms of Dietetics. She divides her time between Nutrition Therapy and providing support for the plant-based eating component of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, offered through Cardiopulmonary Rehab Services. Adrianne is a Michigan native, a Zumba instructor and a Certified Lactation Specialist.

Cynthia Adam RDN, LD
Cynthia’s specialties include diabetes, weight loss, cholesterol management and celiac disease. She completed her Certificate of Training in Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her associate’s degree from Purdue University, her bachelor’s degree from Goshen College and completed her dietetics internship through Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis. Cynthia incorporates food, wellness and agriculture best practices by inviting schools and educating the public at her family’s dairy farm each fall.

Let us help you.

Learn how the right nutrition can help you control your health condition – and feel so much better! Ask your primary care provider to refer you to Goshen Hospital’s Nutrition Therapy. For more information, call (574) 364-2679.