Cancer Care

Partial breast radiation

Delivering treatment directly to the tumor

We know from recent research that tumors are most likely to return to the original cancer site. That's why we use targeted, partial breast radiation following a lumpectomy. With as few as five days of radiation, the combination of treatments is just as effective as whole breast radiation. And it offers women options other than a total mastectomy to avoid weeks of radiation treatments.

Only at Goshen Center for Cancer Care can you find a facility that offers four different types of this treatment following a lumpectomy. Three treatments – MammoSite®, SAVI® and Contura® MLB System – are delivered internally through high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy. And one, 3D conformal therapy, is delivered externally. Each treatment is completed in days rather than weeks. And all target the tumor, while sparing healthy tissue.

Scientific discoveries translated into cures

We conduct clinical trials only a few renowned cancer centers in the country offer. One of our studies compares external radiation and our three internal partial breast radiation techniques to treat breast cancer following a lumpectomy.

Our research is leading to breakthrough discoveries in how we attack cancer and search for a cure. It's why world-class cancer centers like ours believe we can help patients live longer, with fewer side effects and enjoy a better quality of life.

Benefits of partial breast radiation
  • Reduces treatment time to days instead of weeks
  • Concentrates radiation to former tumor site, sparing skin, lungs, heart, ribs and healthy part of breast
  • Reduces skin irritation and burning often associated with whole breast radiation
  • Allows completion of radiation before chemotherapy begins, if required

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