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Hospice services

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Hospice Admission Criteria and Guidelines

Hospice care emphasizes the quality of life as being as important as the length of life. It employs a special team approach to caring for people with an incurable, progressive illness. Hospice care may take place in the patient’s or a family member’s home, recognizing that a nursing facility may where the patient lives. Hospice care:

  • Emphasizes symptom management of pain and physical discomfort
  • Provides for emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families
  • Supports family members in caring for the patient
Patient eligibility
Persons are eligible for hospice if they meet the following criteria:
  • They no longer desire curative treatment
  • The physician certifies a prognosis of six months or less
  • The patient has a caregiver or plans for a caregiver
Hospice is paid for by:
  • Medicare hospice benefits
  • Medicaid hospice benefits
  • Most insurance companies
  • Individuals private pay
Note that Goshen Hospice Services are provided regardless of the ability to pay.