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Quick, healthy meals are key to proper nutrition

Work, caregiving and day-to-day tasks can make healthy meals seem impossible. The bustle of daily life and the convenience of unhealthy foods makes the perfect combination for choosing quick foods that are high in fat, sugar and cholesterol. Taking a little extra time to have proper nutrition goes a long way. It’s the first step to healthy living and preventing diet-related conditions, including obesity, childhood obesity and diabetes.

Goshen Health is dedicated to helping families in Elkhart County take charge of their health. When you need support with quick, healthy meals in Goshen, IN, we provide diet counseling and nutrition classes to get you and your family on track.

Talk to your doctor about getting a referral to our dietitian.

How to get started

When it comes to quick dinner ideas, preparing your meals in advance is very important.

To get started with meal preparation:

  • Set aside a specific time to cut vegetables and portion food into containers.
  • Have a medley of frozen vegetables on hand for a quick stir-fry.
  • Save a few go-to recipes that are easy to make, such as brown rice bowls with protein.
  • Take advantage of a slow cooker that’ll cook your meals on its own.

The ingredients you need for quick, healthy meals

One of the main benefits of home cooking is having control over the ingredients in your meals, which should include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Frozen produce works fine, too.

Here are the basic ingredients for quick and healthy meals:

  • Fruit – It’s best to eat fruits whole to enjoy the fiber benefits and to prevent a spike in blood sugar.
  • Vegetables – Your vegetables should be a variety of colors, from dark green broccoli to orange sweet potatoes.
  • Dairy – Try to consume low and no-fat dairy products.
  • Meat – Eat lean meats, as well as soy, seafood, beans and other types of protein.
  • Grains – Stick to whole grains and avoid white bread or crackers. Try combining whole and refined grains while you get used to the change.
  • Flavor – To reduce salt in your diet, add flavor with other ingredients, such as garlic, ginger and rosemary.

Dedicated to communities in Elkhart County, Goshen Health provides the support you need to make quick, healthy meals in Goshen, IN, to maintain optimal health.