Cancer Care

Radiation oncology

Radiation destroys tumors, saves healthy tissue

When you and your doctor agree on radiation as a treatment option, you can rest assured you are choosing one of the best ways to treat your cancer. We have many ways to target radiation directly to cancer cells without affecting healthy tissue in the area.

You and your cancer team at Goshen Center for Cancer Care may choose to use radiation as an effective way to shrink tumors before surgery. It also provides a vital treatment after some surgeries to kill cancer cells not found during the operation. Sometimes, we combine radiation therapy with chemotherapy to gives us the best outcomes. Radiation also helps relieve pain and other symptoms caused by cancer.

Unparalleled expertise in one place

We approach radiation treatment differently than others in our region. That's because our dedicated team of oncologists works together every day to combine the most effective treatments possible that not only attack the cancer but care for your well-being. We also continually strive to develop new delivery methods and technologies that improve treatment outcomes while sparing healthy tissue and reducing negative effects of radiation treatment.

We can help

Whether you have just received a diagnosis or you're looking for a second opinion, we can help you better understand how radiation may provide the right treatment for you.

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