Cancer Care

Removing liver cancer with two surgeries

We surgically remove cancer from the liver, even when tumors have spread to both sides of the organ. Called a staged liver resection, this sophisticated approach allows us to treat patients who may have heard their cancer is inoperable.

Our surgical oncologists at Goshen Center for Cancer Care are the only ones in the region with the training and expertise to perform two operations to remove parts of the liver affected by cancer. This advanced treatment allows time for the liver to regenerate – or grow back – healthy tissue. The healthy portion of the liver then can function properly, even after the remaining diseased portion is removed.

In some cases with large tumors present, we help the liver regrow before surgery by blocking off the tumor with radiological therapy called portal vein embolization. The procedure cuts off the blood supply to the tumor, which encourages healthy tissue growth on the other side of the liver. After sufficient liver tissue has regrown, our oncologists remove the tumor surgically.

Our cancer experts

Only at Goshen Center for Cancer Care can you find a level of expertise across cancer specialties that enables us to take on complex cases – cases no other cancer centers or hospitals in our region can treat. Here, we use aggressive approaches by surgical oncologists trained specifically in advanced procedures to save lives.

In addition, our patients benefit from our unique integrated environment. We seamlessly blend surgical options with other advanced treatments, including medical and radiation therapies, naturopathic medicine and nutrition, as well as supportive services to offer the most complete care available.

We can help

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