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Get back in the game after a throwing injury

Throwing injuries most often affect the shoulder or elbow due to repetitive stress, but they can also include back injuries. They are common softball and baseball injuries, but can happen in any activity that involves a throwing motion.

Examples of throwing injuries include:

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Signs of a throwing or pitching injury

You may have a throwing injury if you:

  • Have a growing ache that worsens when throwing
  • Have a dropped or out-of-place shoulder blade
  • Feel a tingling or numbing sensation in your arm
  • Feel immediate, sharp pain from a sudden injury

Throwing injuries can be caused by incorrect throwing techniques or overuse. They often happen when you draw your arm back to prepare to throw. This is likely a repetitive stress injury, causing irritation and soreness. You can also get a throwing injury if your arm moves incorrectly and the force puts too much pressure on your shoulder, elbow or back.

Expertly treating common softball and baseball injuries

At Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, your provider creates a personalized treatment plan, as well as collaborates with other specialists to make sure you receive the best care. The extent of your treatment depends on the throwing injury’s location and severity.

Possible treatment options include:

● Rest to allow healing

● Ice to reduce inflammation

● Medication to reduce inflammation and pain

Physical therapy at Goshen Rehabilitation to increase flexibility and strength

Surgery to repair a torn ligament or cartilage, or remove bone fragments

Through every step of your care, our team works together to quickly heal your throwing injury and restore your quality of life. Prevent further injury and see a specialist today. Call (574) 534-2548 to make an appointment.

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