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Promoting vascular health through varicose vein treatment

Often occurring in legs, varicose veins are thick, visible veins just below the surface of your skin. They are an early form of lower extremity chronic venous disease, which is when your blood starts to flow backward and collect in your leg veins.

Most varicose veins are not a serious medical condition, sometimes only causing pain and itching, while severe cases can lead to blood clots or skin ulcers.

At Goshen Heart & Vascular Center, our team is dedicated to the well-being of our community, and that includes having healthy veins and blood flow. Come to us to receive integrated care that addresses your varicose veins in Goshen, IN.

Talk to your primary care provider about a heart screening to make sure your heart and vascular system is working its best. If you don’t have a primary care provider, call (877) 566-4660 for a referral.

What causes varicose veins?

Veins transport blood to your heart for re-oxygenation in the lungs. Every vein has multiple one-way valves that stop blood from backing up the vein. If your venous valves are weakened or damaged, blood can flow backward and bloat the blood vessel. This bloating is what causes the thick, swollen appearance of varicose veins.

Your risk of developing varicose veins increases if your family members have them.

Restore healthy blood flow

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of varicose veins, our fellowship trained specialists at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center can help. Our experts are all in one location, giving them immediate access to each other’s expertise and recommendations for your care.

The goal of varicose vein treatment is to relieve symptoms and prevent future varicose veins from forming. If needed, we can also treat blood clots or skin ulcers caused by varicose veins.

You can promote vein health and prevent varicose veins by:

  • Avoiding too much sitting or standing
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Wearing compression stockings to support your vein walls and valves to minimize swelling

Many people choose to have injections, laser therapy or surgery to diminish the appearance of their varicose veins. Ask your doctor what he or she recommends. Call (877) 566-4660 to begin your journey toward optimal heart and vascular health.

Serving patients in Elkhart County and beyond, Goshen Heart & Vascular Center treats vascular disease and varicose veins in Goshen, IN.