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A collaborative approach to treating vulvar cancer

Accounting for less than 1 percent of cancers in women, vulvar cancer is rare. Most cases are squamous cell carcinomas, which start in the skin cells on the outer vulvar lip. Vulvar cancer develops slowly, starting as precancerous changes called vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN).

At Goshen Center for Cancer Care, our integrated team of board certified oncologists, naturopathic doctors and mind-body counselors are ready to address your cancer head on. We protect your quality of life while providing leading-edge cancer treatments.

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Vulvar cancer symptoms and causes

VIN doesn’t usually cause symptoms, but once they develop, the signs of vulvar cancer include:

  • Changes in color or texture of the vulva
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Itching, pain, burning or tenderness in the vulva
  • Lump, sore or wart-like growth on the vulva
  • Painful urination

Many conditions have these same symptoms, so see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. There are certain risk factors that increase your chance of developing vulvar cancer, including:

  • HPV infection
  • Age 50 or older
  • Smoking
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • History of melanoma or precancerous changes in the vulva, cervix or vagina
  • Weakened immune system

Treating VIN and vulvar cancer at Goshen Center for Cancer Care

Our team understands that having any stage of cancer can be scary. Whether you have precancerous tissue or a later stage vulvar cancer, we treat your entire well-being at our center. In addition to the latest treatment options, such as surgery performed by a highly experienced gynecological oncologist, we provide naturopathic medicine to treat your mind, body and spirit.

To catch cancer early, it’s important to get regular cancer screenings. To learn more about gynecological cancer and other cancers we treat, call (888) 492-4673 (HOPE) .

Goshen Center for Cancer Care serves northern Indiana and southern Michigan by treating vulvar cancer in Goshen, IN.