Emergency Care

When to go to the emergency room for treatment

When injuries happen or strange symptoms appear, you may not be sure if you should visit the emergency room or urgent care. It’s not always easy determining a medical emergency, but when an injury or condition is serious and can’t be properly treated at home, visit the closest emergency room in Goshen, IN. Broken bones, a full-body rash and signs of a heart problem are all reasons to get emergency medical care.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provides skilled emergency treatment 24/7. We use the latest methods in emergency care to treat injuries and conditions, prevent long-term complications and save lives. Visit our emergency department on 200 High Park Ave. or call 911 for life-threatening injuries.

Conditions and injuries that require emergency care

Some injuries don’t immediately present symptoms and may even hide internal damage. That’s why it’s important to seek emergency care or call 911 after certain injuries or conditions, including:

Even if you or someone you know isn’t in pain, it’s best to have a medical professional evaluate your health after any of the injuries or conditions listed above.

Expert emergency treatment at Goshen Hospital Emergency Department

As a Level II emergency center, we’re equipped with the latest technology to treat and stabilize life-threatening injuries. At Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, you can expect:

  • Same-day screening and diagnostic tests for heart conditions
  • Cardiac monitoring systems
  • Imaging services, including MRI scans
  • Laboratory services, including blood and urine tests
  • Diagnostic services

From award-winning heart attack care to connecting you with a primary care provider, you can trust our emergency department team to provide complete care. Learn more about our approach to primary care and turn to Goshen Health for all of your healthcare needs.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department offers expert insight on when to go to the ER in Goshen, IN, for communities in Elkhart County.