5 benefits of walking every day


One of the best ways to stay healthy also happens to be one of the easiest. To boost your health, improve your mood, lower your stress levels and burn calories, simply set aside 25-30 minutes a day for a walk.

Here’s why hitting the pavement for half an hour every day is worth it.

1. It can put you in a better mood.

Regular walking affects your nervous system, lowering feelings of anger and hostility. Plus, walking outside exposes you to natural sunlight, which has been shown to improve mood. Walk with a friend for the added benefits of interaction and connectedness, both natural mood boosters.

2. It can spark creativity.

If you’re feeling stuck on a problem at work or want to get your creative juices flowing, getting outside for a walk can help. Research shows that walking produces more creative thinking than sitting.

3. It can help burn belly fat.

While the number on the scale might not change once you begin walking, your pants might start to fit more loosely. Regular walking can boost your body’s response to insulin, which cuts belly fat, and increases metabolism by burning calories and preventing muscle loss.

4. It can lower your risk of chronic disease.

Walking for 30 minutes or more five days or more a week can lower your blood sugar levels and your risk of diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

5. It could add years to your life.

According to research, if you engage in moderate daily exercise, such as a brisk walk, you can earn anti-aging benefits that could add three to seven years to your life.

Walking daily is just one way to boost your health and manage your weight. If you’re interested in starting a weight loss journey, we’re here to help.

There are several ways to get started. Learn how a medically managed weight loss program at the Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction can change your life for the better. To learn more, call (877) 566-4660.