5 ways to keep your feet healthy this summer


This summer, you might be tempted to show off your feet in a pair of sandals or go barefoot by the beach or pool. But did you know that giving your feet their moment in the sun can actually be harmful? 

Exposing your feet to heat, sun and water can wear them out and increase your risk of injury and infection. Here are five ways to keep your feet looking and feeling good during the summer months.

Keep your shoes on. You may be tempted to go barefoot this summer, but heading outside shoeless increases risk of injury and the odds that you’ll develop warts on the soles of your feet.

Wear socks. It might seem counterintuitive to slip a pair of socks onto sweaty feet, but acrylic and synthetic blend socks can wick away excess moisture, which leads to fungal infection. Make sure to change your socks right away if they get wet. Keeping your feet cool and dry during the summer is key to avoiding infection.

Apply sunscreen to your feet. It can be easy to forget your feet when you're slathering on sunscreen, but the tops of your feet are susceptible to sunburn and drying out. Use SPF 30 or higher to protect against skin cancer and premature aging.

Choose your flip-flops wisely. Wearing some types of flip-flops can lead to sore feet and ankles, stress fractures and tendonitis and can exacerbate hammertoes. If you want to wear them this summer, choose a pair that has thick soles as well as good arch and heel support. Avoid wearing flip-flops all day and/or walking long distances in them.

Get a pedicure. Don’t be fooled — pedicures aren’t purely cosmetic. A good pedicure can get rid of flaky winter skin, cleanse your feet and help you relax. Make sure to get your pedicure at a place where proper sanitizing techniques are utilized to ensure you won't pick up germs.

If you’re experiencing foot pain or injury and want to learn more about treatments or surgeries, contact Goshen Physicians Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at (574) 534-2548. We can talk about your options to minimize pain and maximize recovery.