Fit Together: Why family fitness matters


As a parent, you have an incredible amount of influence over your child. The lessons you teach them now will stick with them for a lifetime.

That's why it's so important to teach your child healthy living habits from an early age. Staying active with your child can help them maintain a healthy heart, control their weight and even do better in school. It also helps them burn off energy and view exercise as a fun activity, not a chore.

Working out as a family doesn't mean heading to the gym with your kids in tow. It means finding creative ways to get moving together, like going for a walk after dinner, taking up gardening, playing touch football in the backyard or training for a charity walk or run.
Here are the top benefits of getting fit (and having fun) with your family:

A stronger bond
Group activities help build relationships, strengthen bonds and build memories. Your child loves spending time with you and feels special when you carve out time to be with them, even if you're just kicking around a soccer ball or walking the dog together.

Better communication
Being active together tends to open up the lines of communication between parents and children. Many people find that kids end up sharing more when their parents participate in activities with them.

Save money
Taking a neighborhood walk or playing in the park is certainly cheaper than going to the movies or racking up tickets at an arcade. One hidden benefit of living an active lifestyle with your family is showing your kids that having fun doesn't have to be expensive.

Start a lifetime of good habits
You can talk about the importance of exercise all day long, but until your kids see you walking the walk and not just talking the talk, the message won't sink in. By biking, playing and walking with your kid, you're demonstrating that physical activity is an important, healthy part of daily life.

Finally, don't forget that family activities are actually fun for you, too! Putting down your cell phone and heading outside with your kid will almost certainly put a smile on your face.

Goshen Health wants you to learn how to maintain an active lifestyle and participate in healthy habits with your child. That's why we created the Fit Together program, designed for children ages 5-12 and their parents. Topics include healthy eating, label reading, playful exercise and family physical activity. Check out our upcoming events here. The events are free, but space is limited, so sign up today!