Moving Forward


Nagging hip pain made Carolyn O’Keefe think she had pulled a muscle. Nothing she did seemed to help. When the pain increased, she went to her primary care physician, Brian King, MD, who tried cortisone medications and an injection. That didn’t help either.


Carolyn struggled to keep up with everyday activities. Even walking and lying down caused pain. She needed relief. That’s when her doctor referred her to the orthopedic specialists at Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

During her first visit with Arjuna Cuddeback, DO, Carolyn learned her muscles weren’t the problem. She had arthritis in her hip.

A big commitment

After exhausting multiple non-operative treatment options, Dr. Cuddeback explained that a hip replacement was her only option. Carolyn was still recovering from back surgery and hesitated at the thought of another hospital stay. But the pain finally forced the decision.

"We want to get our patients back to doing what they enjoy most. Whether we use non-operative intervention, a surgical procedure or a combination of therapies, we tailor the treatment plan to fit the individual needs of each patient."

Arjuna Cuddeback, DO

“I didn’t want to live, it was so painful,” Carolyn said. Her swollen feet limited her ability to walk. She slept at the kitchen table when it hurt too much to lie down. Finally, she asked for another shot to relieve her unbearable discomfort. But it was too close to her surgery date. Carolyn had no choice but to endure the pain a little longer.

Carolyn had other concerns to address with Dr. Cuddeback.

“I asked him his age – he looks so young,” she said. She also wanted to know if he had done any replacement surgeries on older patients. Carolyn was relieved to learn that the 35-year-old doctor had performed various hip procedures on plenty of patients, including those in their 80s.

Finally, Carolyn put her concerns aside and underwent hip replacement surgery in October. She knew immediately she had made the right decision. Carolyn was able to walk into her first post-operative checkup with minimal pain, using a walker just as a precaution. During the appointment, Dr. Cuddeback showed her X-rays of her new hip and said with a joking grin, “looks great for my first one!” That brought plenty of smiles and laughter from everyone who had heard Carolyn’s earlier concerns.

Today, she is happy to be free of pain. “It’s so good to be able to walk around without pain,” she said. “I am grateful to Dr. Cuddeback for all he has done for me. He is awesome! I also appreciate Dr. Christopher Owens, who also assisted in my surgery. They are both great surgeons!”