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Diabetes education shows you how to live well

  |  1 minute read

Diabetes isn't on pause like so many other aspects of our lives during the pandemic. It is on all day, every day, nonstop.  That's why it's as important as ever for people with diabetes to learn how to manage their condition and take the best care of themselves.

Goshen Health continues to offer diabetes education services that follow safety guidelines during the pandemic. Diabetes educators are available for in-person, virtual or phone sessions to help patients safely access the care they need.

"Diabetes educators help patients stay on top of their diabetes," said Larry Allen, MD, Goshen Physicians Family Medicine – Syracuse. "They offer real-life guidance to help people understand how to best manage their diabetes and gain control over their lives."

The program at Goshen Health is designed to help people with diabetes at every point along their journey. They may have just received a diagnosis, need a refresher or had a change in their condition.
"Patients find hope and reassurance they are not alone when they take advantage of diabetes education services," said Dr. Allen.

You need a referral from your health care provider for diabetes education. Medicare and most health insurance plans consider diabetes self-management training a covered benefit. The Diabetes Education program at Goshen Health is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. For more information, call (574) 537-1221.

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