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Family fun activities and lunch, oh my!

  |  1 minute read

Goshen Health is partnering with Fairfield Community Schools to provide 250 activity packets with their weekly lunch kits. Each Monday, April 27 through May 18, families can look forward to receiving a new and exciting activity along with simple ideas for use. Children will receive items like frisbees, jump ropes, bubbles or sidewalk chalk and fun and educational tips to play together as a family.

“We know children should be physically active for 60 minutes or more each day. With most families having been at home now for several weeks, finding new ways to engage our children in physical activity may have become more challenging,” said Randy Christophel, Goshen Health President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are here to help! Our activity packets provide creative, fun ways for families to play and be active together.”  

"Fairfield Community Schools is excited to partner with Goshen Health by distributing their activity packets during meal service,” said Monica Kegerreis, Assistant Superintendent with Fairfield Community Schools. “We saw many smiles on children's faces yesterday as they opened the packets. Thank you!”

Coming soon to, watch for fun activities families can do together. For more information, please call (574) 364-2496.

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