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Goshen Hospital meets high standards for treating heart attack patients

  |  2 minute read

Goshen Hospital is one of only 212 hospitals nationwide to receive the American College of Cardiology’s NCDR Chest Pain  ̶  MI Registry Platinum Performance Achievement Award for 2021. This is the tenth consecutive year Goshen Hospital has received this high distinction for providing outstanding care to heart attack patients.   
The award recognizes Goshen Hospital’s commitment and success in implementing a higher standard of care for heart attack patients and signifies that the hospital has reached an aggressive goal of treating these patients to standard levels of care as outlined by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association clinical guidelines and recommendations.
To receive the award, hospitals must demonstrate they follow the clinical guidelines outlined by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association to achieve superior outcomes and lower mortality – for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020).
“We’re proud of our consistency in living up to the standards of heart attack care that are required to earn this award. This is the tenth year in a row Goshen Hospital has achieved this recognition – every year since the award has been offered,” said Randy Christophel, President and CEO of Goshen Health. “Providing the best possible heart attack care to our patients takes a team of dedicated professional healthcare workers from EMS to the Emergency Department to our heart and vascular physicians and nurses. Everyone works together to meet this goal.”
The Centers for Disease Control estimates that almost 700,000 Americans suffer a heart attack each year. A heart attack occurs when a blood clot in a coronary artery partially or completely blocks blood flow to the heart muscle. Treatment guidelines include administering aspirin upon arrival and discharge, timely restoration of blood flow to the blocked artery, smoking cessation counseling and cardiac rehabilitation, among others.
“Participating in the Chest Pain  ̶  MI Registry empowers us to consistently treat heart attack patients according to the most current, science-based guidelines,” said Dr. Blair MacPhail, Medical Director of Goshen Heart & Vascular Center. “In addition to helping us keep standards for safety and improvement at the forefront, we are deeply gratified in knowing that our hard work is making a difference in the lives of the people in our community.”

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