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National Guard supplements Goshen Hospital staffing

  |  1 minute read

Today 16 members of the National Guard arrived at Goshen Hospital to pitch in where needed, helping ease the strain on healthcare workers. The national shortage of healthcare workers has resulted in a difficult staffing situation.
“We are deeply grateful for the National Guard’s coming to help us with our staffing shortage,” said Randy Christophel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Goshen Health. “Having them here in the short term to address this immediate need will enable our Colleagues to work under less stressful conditions and focus more fully on their essential tasks. The National Guard is an invaluable resource for us and our community in this time of need. It was deployed to help in a number of Indiana’s long-term care facilities last year due to COVID-19 and in 2021 has assisted many hospitals across the state.”
“We also appreciate the assistance of the Indiana State Department of Health in helping coordinate the support of the National Guard,” said Julie Crossley, Chief Nursing Officer, Goshen Health. “They were instrumental in ensuring a rapid and timely response to our need.”

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