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Visitor Guidelines

  • Inpatient rooms 218 - 457: four visitors in room at one time, may rotate (waiting areas on the units for additional visitors)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms 201 - 212: two visitors in room at one time, may rotate (child visitation will be at guardian's discretion) and clergy as necessary.
  • Emergency room: two visitors
  • Outpatient services: two visitors
  • Birthplace: two visitors during labor, doula and clergy as necessary. Visitation in the postpartum period is not limited. One primary (adult) support person may spend the night throughout stay.
  • Goshen Center for Cancer Care: two visitors for clinical appointments and outpatient infusion center

Visitation may be paused or limited based on the patient's clinical needs and personal preferences.

Visitors will comply with recommended personal protective equipment and screening requirements. At present, visitor masking is requested in the Emergency Department.

Visitors not complying with the care team or causing disruption may be asked to leave.

In addition, Hospital, State and Federal regulations prohibit the following:

  • Smoking inside the hospital
  • Bare feet
  • Carrying of firearms or any other weapons
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