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Acute Radiculopathy

General Information

Radiculopathy, or a pinched nerve, is a spinal nerve root injury. It usually occurs in the neck and lower back. Acute radiculopathy is the initial period when symptoms emerge – during the first four to six weeks of having the condition.

If pain from acute radiculopathy is stopping you from enjoying your normal activities, Goshen Orthopedics can help provide relief. Our specialists collaborate to make sure we offer leading-edge care that’s customized to your needs. 

Many causes of acute radiculopathy don’t require extensive treatment. At Goshen Orthopedics, we start with the least invasive options. Anti-inflammatory medicines and physical therapy often resolve pinched nerve symptoms. Physical therapy is offered through Goshen Rehabilitation, and our teams coordinate to align your appointments to save you travel time.

Your provider may also suggest an epidural steroid injection, which offers short-term relief to help you stay active. If your radiculopathy persists for more than six weeks, you may need a more invasive treatment, such as surgery.

Our team can also show you ways to prevent acute radiculopathy, including staying active, maintaining a healthy body weight and practicing proper body mechanics during strenuous activities. Let us partner with you to improve your well-being and relieve pinched nerve pain. Call (574) 534-2548 for an appointment.

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