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Back Pain

General Information

Do you notice a dull and achy back pain that doesn’t seem to go away? Over-the-counter medications may make it better, but soon enough, the discomfort returns. Constant back pain requires the treatment of a dedicated and trained orthopedic team.

At Goshen Orthopedics, we take the time to diagnose your back and spine pain, so you can begin a treatment plan that’s just for you. For trusted back pain relief, call (574) 534-2548 to make an appointment near you.

Signs and symptoms

Many people who experience back pain also experience other symptoms, such as:

  • Headache
  • Trouble moving
  • Pain in the neck, shoulder or hip
  • Pain that radiates through the buttocks and down one leg

Understanding what causes back pain

Damage to the internal structures of your back, including your spine, nerves, muscles and ligaments, can lead to back pain. These damages or abnormalities can result from trauma or a number of medical conditions, including:

A thorough review of your symptoms and results from imaging tests can reveal the cause your back pain.

Our approach to relieving back pain

Experts at Goshen Orthopedics use a team approach to treat your back pain. Our providers work together to bring you the best care you need. Your care team will consist of your provider, along with a physical therapist or rehabilitation team, depending on your diagnosis.

With a full-service treatment center, we offer a one-stop location for all of your treatment. Call (574) 534-2548 to learn more about our options for back pain relief.

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