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Morbid Obesity

General Information

Carrying too much weight for your height has been proven to increase the chances of serious complications, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Body mass index (BMI) measures this weight-to-height ratio, and when it’s over 40 kilograms per square meter (kg/m2), this indicates morbid obesity. More than 1 in 3 Americans are obese, while 1 in 20 have morbid obesity.

Our team at Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction is leading the fight against morbid obesity. We provide complete care for morbid obesity including physician-directed weight loss programs that include nutrition therapy, support groups and bariatric surgery.

What causes morbid obesity?

Medications such as antipsychotics and certain genetic syndromes can cause extra weight gain that leads to morbid obesity. Often, morbid obesity is the result of an energy imbalance from consuming too many calories, but expending too little. This is why the disease tends to affect people who do not eat healthy, balanced diets and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Whatever the cause, help is never too late. The Center for Weight Reduction provides personalized weight loss solutions to help you live a healthier lifestyle, whether you need help losing weight naturally or bariatric surgery.

Our approach to treating severe obesity

Most people with morbid obesity need surgery to help them lose the weight and keep it off. Our bariatric experts at the Center for Weight Reduction are trained in a diverse range of bariatric surgical procedures including gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

These surgeries are designed to limit how much food you consume and change how food is absorbed during digestion.

Although surgery is often the most effective treatment for morbid obesity, your physician will first try a personalized weight loss program that addresses both your physical and emotional needs.

Your program may include:

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