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Overuse Injuries

General Information

Overuse injuries, sometimes called repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), happen overtime from a repetitive activity. Usually related to sports or other activities, they can affect bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other joint structures.

These injuries are a result of using a set of muscles without allowing enough time for them to rest and recover. Children and older adults have a higher risk of developing an overuse injury. Other risk factors include poor conditioning, lack of training and incorrect form while engaging in an activity, whether that’s your favorite sport, hobby or part of your job.

An overuse injury can prevent you from comfortably playing a sport or even working. Our team at Goshen Orthopedics understands how that affects your quality of life. Through integrated care and a personalized treatment plan, we can help you heal your overuse injury. Our providers are rooted in the community and committed to helping people enjoy life without joint pain.

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Recognizing RSI symptoms

Examples of overuse injuries include bursitis, strains, sprains, stress fractures, tendinitis and growth plate problems. You may experience symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Swelling
  • Creaking, grinding or popping sound
  • Impaired growth in children

At Goshen Orthopedics, we consider your symptoms and may use imaging tests to correctly diagnose your overuse injury. Our MRI and X-ray capabilities are on location, so we can order your test during your appointment.

How to treat and prevent overuse injuries

The first step to healing your repetitive strain injury is resting from repetitive activities. Your provider may also recommend anti-inflammatory medicines, corticosteroids injections, splinting and physical therapy. Goshen Rehabilitation provides physical therapy and is located in our same building. We coordinate your appointments to reduce travel time. If these noninvasive options don’t provide the relief you need, we may recommend orthopedic surgery.

Our Orthopedics and sports medicine specialists can also show you ways to prevent RSIs, such as:

  • Cross-training with a variety of activities
  • Balancing flexibility, strength training and cardiovascular exercise
  • Scheduling periods of rest and time off
  • Warming up and cooling down after activities
  • Wearing properly fitted equipment

Don’t let an overuse injury keep you from enjoying life and staying active. 

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